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About Featured Ideas Trading System

Featured Ideas will give you the ultimate edge in trading via live intra-day trade ideas tailored to your preferences so you can choose smarter entry/exit points.

Build your trading skill set with a uniquely transparent and educational experience. Learn about the patterns and Technical Event found or save a trade idea to watch how it works out over time.

Time your trades and monitor your portfolio easily, with our updates whenever a significant Technical Event® occurs.

Tailor ideas to your individual preferred currency pairs, holding timeframes and technical analysis methods with our automated and personalized settings.

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Key Features

Custom Settings:
Focus on what matters to you. By specifying your favorite pairs, timeframes and analytics, Featured Ideas will scan the universe of trade ideas and deliver only those relevant to your unique style.

High Conviction Multi-Signal Ideas:
Trade ideas are based on not only individual chart patterns, such as a Triangle, but confirmed by another Technical Event such as a MACD crossover so you can see a greater weight of evidence and can make confident decisions.

Educational Commentary:
Develop a foundation in technical analysis with the educational commentary which shows how each trade is put together, the different Technical Events found and price targets to look out for. ‘Watch’ a trade idea to hang on to it and check back later, allowing you to see how that idea performed over time.

Real-Time Tracking:
As an example, suppose we are showcasing a target price of 992 pips; our tracking might show you that the price has already moved 720 pips!

Live Charts:
Interact with each Technical Event found. View a larger interactive chart to zoom or expand view and watch the price change.

Responsive and Touch-Friendly Design:
Keep your analytics close and swipe through the different trade ideas with our mobile friendly design. You can even send a personal link to your mobile phone to check in on your ideas anywhere anytime.

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