Are you a regulated financial institution authorised to hold clients' funds? Are you thinking about expanding your product portfolio and offering your clients online FX and CFDS trading with the security and quality of a reliable bank?

We provide Limited and Full White Label solutions to regulated financial institutions around the world. Your clients would also benefit from our top-class security, liquidity pool, IT infrastructure, organisation and knowledge, as well as many other assets, all of which make us one of the greatest online FX and CFD trading broker. Our Limited White Label partnership programme is suitable for institutions choosing not to handle any administrative work, while our Full White Label programme caters for institutions happy to be responsible for back-office work. In either case, you will be able to offer your clients highly professional trading services with user-friendly platforms carrying the name of your institution. You can enjoy our great IT and marketing support, and grow your revenue by charging your clients a commission and/or higher spreads. Most importantly, your clients will get a highly competitive and professional online FX and CFD trading service that they can use with confidence.

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